Year: 2020
Client: Bicep
Production: Ninja Tune

Bicep - Atlas

Atlas is the new 12’’ vinyl single from Bicep.
Using catharsis as the motor of memories and embodied experiences, this single is part of a bigger communication strategy that ranges from packaging to live set performances.

Led by sculptural moments that are created by freezing gestures from the human body while reacting to techno, this vinyl is part of a monumental set with fluorescent colors.

By freezing continous moments the experience provides polyedric vision, enabling emotional states to be experienced and perceived in all angles, in extasis.Framing emotions refers to primal states of transcendance by allowing infinite perspectives of the same frozen moments.

Atlas single is part of a collection of different states of transcendance, continuity and contemplation in physical and post-digital objects. It becomes an intimate experience that is completed, through music, by the viewer, that can eventually become live set interactive pieces.

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