Year: 2020
Client: Nomad — Viagens e Aventura
Edited by: Manifesto

Authors: Eduardo Leal & Dânia Rodrigues

Printed at Maiadouro
Kumbha Mela

With an estimate of 120 million people visiting the Prayagaj, in India, each edition, Kumbha Mela is considered to be the biggest religious festival in the world. Eduardo Leal (photographer) and Dânia Rodrigues (sociologist) attended 2019 edition and this publication is an attempt to show the festival’s unique and exquisite reality. With a story that reflects the general (the millions of celebrating people) and the particular (Sadduhs—the acclaimed religious leaders that pursue a lonely and silent life), the publication reinforces this idea by making use of different sizes and pictures scales to accentuate the feeling of living the different moments of the festivities.

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