Year: 2019
Client: Câmara Municipal do Porto
Production: VCoutinho

Álvaro Martino


In the context of Musonautas, Visões e Avarias, an exhibition depicting 5 decades of independent music production in the city of Porto, this campaign thrives in the plural context of the city.

Nurturing the explosive restlessness of a particular musical context that has driven a nation to reach for untouched soundscapes, the iconic approach is both a representation of collective heritage and an icon of subversive counter-cultural movements that stood firm on building post-fascist utopias from 1960 to 2010.
Throughout its history, the city of Porto has built a reputation as a place of musical freedom, abounding with the avant-garde approaches that have led to affirmation and recognition of key figures of contemporary Portuguese culture. Opening up new horizons that, in many cases, have moved beyond their original frontiers.
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